Brent Kim, MHS

Brent has a diverse background in public health, education, technology and the arts that includes teaching mathematics in Boston and India, working with Partners in Health on their electronic medical records system and developing digital art for several award-winning historical strategy games. In 2008, he completed an MHS in International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The focus of Brent’s work at CLF is the development of Teaching the Food System, a curriculum for high school educators that spans the health, ecological and social implications of getting food from “field to plate.” He is particularly drawn to this project because of its interdisciplinary nature. It exposes learners to a breadth of subject areas, ranging from history to soil science to nutrition, and reveals where these topics intersect. Most importantly, he believes, it encourages learners to consider the outcomes several degrees removed from their actions. In Brent’s view, thoughtful consideration of downstream consequences is a key ingredient for a livable future.

Outside the Center, Brent strives to engage with communities face-to-face and hand-to-soil. He can frequently be found hauling compost at one of several Baltimore urban farms, teaching at local public schools and speaking on food system issues at various engagements.

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